Alibaba’s e-commerce evolution

Alibaba’s e-commerce evolution boosted by Israeli startup tech

Alibaba’s e-commerce evolution boosted by Israeli startup tech. ZIM has introduced Ladingo’s technology which is already operational and is expected to improve logistics services to both sellers and buyers on China’s largest e-commerce platform,

The Israeli carrier has invested in Ladingo, an Israeli logistics startup, since 2019 and has developed a groundbreaking technology that combines optimisation of cargo and routes, while enabling taxes automation as well as end-to-end (E2E) shipment management, for small and medium importers eager to focus on increasing revenue and decreasing shipping costs.

As part of the collaboration between and ZIM, Ladingo’s logistics technology will simplify the shipping process while powering the carrier’s full door-to-door service through cloud software, said the carrier.

Ladingo technology, described as the “full Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) solution,” will enable’s sellers and buyers to take full advantage of its optimisation and consolidation capabilities, ensuring that they enjoy highly competitive rates.

“B2B cross-border e-commerce should be as easy as classic B2C. When one wants to make an order of two pallets or even a container, there is no reason why the shipping or shopping experience should be any different”, said Ladingo CEO, Hagar Valiano Rips.

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