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Throughout my life, I have always had the desire and passion to give back my knowledge that I have acquired over the past 25 years in the shipping industry to the public. Although my journey has had its own ups and downs, and success was not always easy to achieve, one thing I have achieved was complacency.

It has been my goal for years now to publish an online magazine focused on the shipping industry with the aim of spreading shipping and freight related news in the Bangladesh market. In my career, I was fortunate and privileged enough to meet various established shipping companies all over the world. Unfortunately, one thing that caught my attention was that it seemed as if all of them had a somewhat negative perception of the Bangladesh port and its system.

Hence, it became my ambition to honor my country and represent it with all of its positive capabilities.. People in Bangladesh need to focus on promoting the positive aspects of Bangladesh shipping industry as there are many, which need to be highlighted for the world to see.

Today, Bangladesh is leading when it comes to trade, especially in the export of ready-made garments. This industry itself has a huge impact on our freight market. Trade and shipping are interlinked, and it plays a huge role in the country’s economy.

It is time to give it its due credit and recognize the strengths. This is my attempt to highlight the extent of the business and the location of those involved in the business and the development of special ports in Bangladesh.

Jahiruddin Jewel

15th August 2020

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