Ctg port capcity

Ctg port capcity required to increase to reduce the cost

Ctg port capcity required to increase to reduce the cost. If the Ctg port capcity is increased, it will be possible to reduce the cost of doing business in the country by at least 5 percent. At the same time, the interest of foreign entrepreneurs to invest in this country will also increase.

Moreover, if production starts in full swing in Bangabandhu Industrial City and other economic regions of the country, the pressure on Chittagong Port will increase several times. So now we have to increase the capacity of the port.

The first meeting of the FBCCI Standing Committee on Ports and Shipping on Thursday (January 8), FBCCI President. Jasim Uddin.

Speaking as the chief guest, the FBCCI President said that at present the speed of cargo vehicles on the Dhaka-Chittagong highway is 40 kilometers per hour. If this speed is doubled, the competitiveness of the export sector will increase by 6 percent. Chemicals imported through Chittagong port have to be tested separately before unloading. But Chittagong Customs does not have adequate laboratory. It takes traders 10-12 days to get this test done. The FBCCI president said that immediate steps should be taken to solve these problems related to the port.

FBCCI President Md. Urged the standing committee to find short, medium and long term solutions by identifying the port-centric problems. Jasim Uddin.

At this time, the vice-president of the FBCCI. Amin Helali said some more port activities will start in the future. If we can work according to the plan, the progress of the country can be further accelerated by utilizing the potential of these ports.

If you import a car through Chittagong port, you have to pay twice as much as Mongla port, complained FBCCI vice-president Md. Habib Ullah Don. He remarked that different fares in different ports of the same country are unreasonable.

AM Mahbub Chowdhury, director in charge of the standing committee, said the profit of Chittagong port has increased several times in the last few years.

He alleged that despite being a non-profit service organization, it was taking steps to increase tariffs again to increase its profits.

The chairman of the committee called for not increasing the tariff in order to create a business-friendly environment. Md. Parvez Sajjad Akhtar. At the same time, he said, most tariffs have to be paid in dollars. So if the tariff increases, the cost of foreign exchange will also increase. Moreover, foreign ship owners can also take advantage of this. In that case, there will be fear of increase in the price of imported goods.

In the open discussion, the members of the standing committee hoped for the cooperation of the port and customs officials to speed up the import-export activities.

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