Ship berthing in just 6 hours at Chittagong port

After waiting for only 6 hours to reach the outer anchorage, a foreign container ship got a chance to land at Chittagong port. The name of the cargo container ship is ‘Manati’; The ship arrived at the outer port of Colombo, Sri Lanka at 9 am on Monday; And at 3 o’clock that day the ship was able to land at the jetty. After a two to three day wait at the outer anchorage at normal times, a container ship gets a chance to dock at the port jetty. But it is a new record for Chittagong port to be able to reach the jetty in just 6 hours.
Basically the number of ships waiting in the port is less as per the demand and accordingly the jetty is empty so the ship gets a chance to dock directly at the jetty. However, another reason for the direct rush is that the ship reached the outer anchorage before the tide.

Asked how this was possible, Shahed Sarwar, deputy managing director of Crown Navigation Limited, the ship’s shipping agent, told Shipping Express that the ship arrived at the port’s outer harbor from Colombo at 9am. The pilot boarded the ship at 11 am and the ship docked at the port jetty at 3 pm, 6 hours after arriving at the outer anchorage. In normal times it takes three days. This was made possible by the fact that the jetty was empty before the tide came in, the jetty was empty, and the pilot movement was all battered.
If you want to know what is the benefit of this, the director of the Shipping Agents Association said, see, it takes 20 days to go from Colombo port to Chittagong port and again to Colombo port (round trip); Now it takes 15 days. We were able to save the extra 7 days only because there was no container congestion and ship congestion in the port.

It is learned that the port of Chittagong is completely dependent on the tides. With the tide the ship enters the jetty and leaves the jetty with or without goods. Because at low tide the water level in the Karnafuli river is not as usable as the ship entering. As a result, we have to wait for the tide whenever the ship arrives or the goods land at the jetty. Not only the tide but all the foreign container ships have to wait for two to three days after coming ashore. Then he can rush to the jetty.
“This is good news for us,” Muntasir Rubaiyat, assistant vice president of foreign shipping company Jibix Logistics, told Shipping Express. In the port of Singapore, which is always the case, the jetty was crowded as soon as the ship arrived. Now it happened at Chittagong port. Because we have to wait for 2/3 days outside, we finalize the ship rental and ship schedule. In this case, the opportunity was created because the timing matched with the tide. Not only is the jetty empty, but if we can seize this opportunity at normal times, Bangladesh will go a long way in global competition in the economy. For this, the management of terminals, jetties and ports needs to be improved.

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